Canadian Corporations

We are proud to announce listing of Canadian corporations and corporate directors at LandOfFree. You can access it at If you are looking for a business contact, a new employer, a new employee, or if you are/were employed at a certain company – find a company on this web service. Are you looking for a director or a contact person? Check our lists. We are also trying to help Canadian businesses to promote themselves and to make them more transparent for general public. We hope to improve business culture in Canada.

It has never been simpler to Incorporate federally in Canada. The whole process literally takes minutes and most of the steps can be done on-line: just check Industry Canada Incorporation Kit. Select your name or just take a default one. If you decide to name a company, the name has to be checked trough NUANS® search ($20 per single search) and finally approved by Industry Canada. The naming rules are quite general:

The name proposed must be distinctive, must not cause confusion with any existing name or trade-mark used in Canada, and must not be prohibited or misleading.

To save money on NUANS® search, LandOfFree list of Canadian companies can be used as an excellent initial test of the name: just type it in our search bar and if someone is already using it, better think of a new one.

After selecting a name for your business, you can either create your own Corporate Articles (with or without a lawyer) or just go with default given by Industry Canada. Simple, isn’t it? 

Have you ever wonder what is the probability your company will grow into a successful business. We crunched the numbers for you and the results are a bit staggering: For every two companies there is one which dissolved. On the histograms below one can see the number of new corporations (blue) and the number of dissolved companies (red) per year. Note that 3 out of 4 graphs use logarithmic scale.

Bottom left histogram shows number of new and number of dissolved companies per year from 1841 until present day. Bottom right histogram shows the same data for the last two decades. Numbers are visualized using kst.

The oldest active company in our database is Les Oeuvres Oblates de L’ontario.

It is founded in 1849.

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